7 Brands, 4 Marketplaces, Infinite Possibilities

Leading R&D

We believe R&D is paramount to success. We have brought over 50 different products to market over the past 12 months.

Unparalleled Support

We trust our products, we want you to trust them too. We offer guarantees on all products and ongoing customer support.

International Presence

We have shippers, brokers, employees, and quality control agents throughout the world to ensure a seamless Supply Chain.

Extensive Sales Channels

Our products are available on 5+ sales channels, throughout all of the United Kingdom and Europe!

Unprecedented Growth

Operational since February 2021, over £1.5M in sales, +£200K Monthly Recurring Revenue since January 2022, and growing steadily.

Unmatched Expertise

We have a team of 12 employees specializing in Procurement, R&D, Marketing, and Compliance, and continuously expanding.

Our Story

APR 2021

DropNet is founded and has its first operational day.

MAY 2021

DropNet makes its first sale, for a total daily revenue of £5.97

AUG 2021

DropNet breaks £1,000 in daily revenue

SEP 2021

10 consecutive days with over £1,000 daily revenue

FEB 2022

First day with over £10,000 in revenue

MAR 2022

Highest grossing day of all time, at £11,735